Wednesday, October 27, 2010

♧new sem coming♧

in the 2nd sem of my beta years,is more busy than last sem...really sad...because i have to stay in melaka more 2 days...from sunday night to friday morning...haiz~
but that means i have more free time in,i bring many drama come here!haha...i'm drama queen and my roomate is drama king...we both crazy in drama now!!haha...
in my week 2,i finally have review some tutorial,not like last sem...i review all when the exam come...
my 1st sem result is out!i got 3.0cgpa~jus second lower level...this sem is more more hard than last sem...i need to pay triple hardworking now...

last night,wee shen said: he feel so lonely without me...haha...but i think i'm more suit to living here already...maybe is the drama let me not so stress~and i can sleep well every night at here now...
but i will also miss him very much~i always illusion that he is living with me at melaka...and we will do every things together~ that's so sweet~ miss u >...<

these 2 week on 2 sem...i found that...actually i'm wrong!i should not treat u so good...bcos u will not appreciate it! i dislike u!
but for the "three good" i will forgive u...and i am also happy that u will leave my life soon...then i can be more concentrate at the class...◕‿◕

Sunday, October 3, 2010

✿back home✿

back home back home!!!excited and happy~
在我考最后一科的前一天是读书天。。。我的午餐。。。哈哈!为了宠宠自己所以吃了炸鸡。。。当我边啃着鸡肉边看着food court的ntv7时。。。根本没意识到~颜伟胜!走来了~