Monday, December 6, 2010

✿mid-term break✿

This one week mid-term break, let me feel so short and sienz~
Why my school like that de...feel so unfair!!!
Others is having long holiday now, and I still have go back to school after one week…
Shit!!! Just one week also cannot do anything…just stay at home and go out sometimes…
So boring~
Saturday, I went to summit, square 1 and bpmall with my sister…go to 3 shopping mall in one days…haha!! bcos there is nothing for us to shop~all the same…
Later, we go to secret to eat cake, and then wee shen come with us too…why I want to go to secret that day?....bcos I dream that I eat so many chocolate cake !!! that dream increase my demand on chocolate cake very much!!! Hahaha….
 The next day, i go to the new open dagan rengit with wee shen...we want to eat cheese ham bread but they surve the wrongly cheese egg...haiz~~~
feel not so delicious...

Holiday holiday holiday….why are you so boring for me? I think, bcos u r too short…shit SHORT holiday!

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